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1Shared structures are:
2At the process level:
3        -> File system (only matadata and data caches)
4        -> Task manager table
5        -> Task vm_region if we support inter process com (not the case in almos)
7        specific to ALMOS:
8        -> DQDT to allocate the approprite proc/mem ( can be avoided for now by directly using the
9        the task next_cluster field, and always redirecting the allocations to the local cluster)
10        ->
13Efficient com with other proc:
14        - devellope physical access techniques at the software level
15                - fine grained at the C language level
16                - at the assemebler level, by inserting macro to switch space
17        - get some help from the hardware (put an paddr_extension for the stack (most important) and
18          one for the instructions (secondary) )
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