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This version has been tested on the sort multithreaded application
for TSAR_IOB architectures ranging from 1 to 8 clusters.
It fixes three bigs bugs:
1) the dev_ioc device API has been modified: the dev_ioc_sync_read()
and dev_ioc_sync_write() function use now extended pointers on the
kernel buffer to access a mapper stored in any cluster.
2) the hal_uspace API has been modified: the hal_copy_to_uspace()
and hal_copy_from_uspace() functions use now a (cxy,ptr) couple
to identify the target buffer (equivalent to an extended pointer.
3) an implementation bug has been fixed in the assembly code contained
in the hal_copy_to_uspace() and hal_copy_from_uspace() functions.

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1# Parameters definition for the ALMOS-MKH Makefile
3ARCH      = /users/alain/soc/tsar-trunk-svn-2013/platforms/tsar_generic_iob
4X_SIZE    = 4
5Y_SIZE    = 2
6NB_PROCS  = 1
7NB_TTYS   = 2
11SYS_CLK   = 50000
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