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Last change on this file since 326 was 279, checked in by alain, 7 years ago

1) Introduce independant command fields for the various devices in the thread descriptor.
2) Introduce a new dev_pic_enable_ipi() function in the generic PIC device
3) Fix two bugs identified by Maxime in the scheduler initialisation, and in the sched_select().
4) fix several bugs in the TSAR hal_kentry.S.
5) Introduce a third kgiet segment (besides kdata and kcode) in the TSAR bootloader.

File size: 220 bytes
[12]1# Parameters definition for the ALMOS-MKH Makefile
3ARCH      = /users/alain/soc/tsar-trunk-svn-2013/platforms/tsar_generic_iob
[23]4X_SIZE    = 1
[279]5Y_SIZE    = 2
[23]6NB_PROCS  = 1
[204]7NB_TTYS   = 3
[1]8FBF_WIDTH = 128
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