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Bug fix in kernel_init
-This line, and those below, will be ignored--

M kernel_config.h
M Makefile
M hdd/virt_hdd.dmg
M tools/bootloader_tsar/boot.c
M kernel/libk/bits.h
M kernel/libk/elf.c
M kernel/libk/xhtab.c
M kernel/libk/elf.h
M kernel/libk/xhtab.h
M kernel/devices/dev_pic.c
M kernel/mm/vmm.c
M kernel/mm/mapper.c
M kernel/mm/mapper.h
M kernel/vfs/devfs.h
M kernel/vfs/vfs.c
M kernel/vfs/vfs.h
M kernel/vfs/devfs.c
M kernel/kern/chdev.h
M kernel/kern/kernel_init.c
M kernel/kern/process.c
M kernel/kern/process.h
M hal/tsar_mips32/core/hal_remote.c
M hal/tsar_mips32/drivers/soclib_pic.c

File size: 220 bytes
1# Parameters definition for the ALMOS-MKH Makefile
3ARCH      = /users/alain/soc/tsar-trunk-svn-2013/platforms/tsar_generic_iob
4X_SIZE    = 1
5Y_SIZE    = 1
6NB_PROCS  = 1
7NB_TTYS   = 3
8FBF_WIDTH = 128
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