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2//                          LICENCES RELATED NOTE                            //
4// This directory contains several libraries which constitute the user-land  //
5// of ALMOS operating system. The majority of them are taken from other open //
6// source projects and they have been adapted/ported/completed/configured    //
7// to run with the kernel of ALMOS. Each library has its own licence as it   //
8// is stated in its source-code, README, LICENCE or COPYRIGHT files.         //
9// These libraries and their licences are completely independant from the    //
10// licence of the kernel of ALMOS. The kernel of ALMOS has its own licence   //
11// (found in kernel/COPYRIGHT file) and it concerns only the kernel of ALMOS.//
12// Therefore, from this point of view, the kernel of ALMOS is an independent //
13// project that can be used (with respect of its licence) with other         //
14// compatible user-land environments of your choice (open-source or not).    //
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