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(edit) @482   6 years viala [hal/x86_64] Add void type to function prototypes with no parameter
(edit) @457   6 years alain This version modifies the exec syscall and fixes a large number of …
(edit) @408   7 years alain Fix several bugs in the fork() syscall.
(edit) @406   7 years alain This version executed successfully the user "init" process on a …
(edit) @405   7 years max Remove XXX, it's fine.
(edit) @397   7 years max Use panic().
(edit) @386   7 years max Implement several GPT functions.
(edit) @383   7 years max Use constant flags.
(edit) @368   7 years max Switch the VM space, and explicitly disable the FPU.
(edit) @319   7 years max Don't forget to unmap the region below the kernel. Useful to detect …
(edit) @316   7 years max Synchronize with Alain's changes. Still several issues.
(edit) @272   7 years max Use local_cxy for GET_PTR, instead of the triple map. This fixes a …
(edit) @234   7 years max style
(edit) @225   7 years max implement hal_gpt_create
(edit) @224   7 years max Create a (virtual) copy of the local cluster in 0xffffe00000000000, …
(edit) @150   7 years max remove debug and unused code
(edit) @148   7 years max fix a pretty dumb bug; we must not unmap since we use the area for …
(edit) @147   7 years max less magic
(edit) @145   7 years max style
(edit) @134   7 years max fix comment
(edit) @123   7 years max unmap the area below the kernel, so that we can find pointer …
(edit) @116   7 years max complete hal_ppm_init, to take into account the reserved areas
(edit) @114   7 years max compute the offset for bootinfo
(edit) @112   7 years max In fact, we need to enter all of the VA space, because we massively …
(edit) @83   7 years max we want to have the LAPIC non-cacheable
(edit) @79   7 years max invalidate the page directly
(copy) @51   7 years max Create the core/ sub-directory for x86_64.
copied from trunk/hal/x86_64/hal_gpt.c:
(edit) @48   7 years max Put panics everywhere
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