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(edit) @611   5 years alain Introduce sigificant modifs in VFS to support the <ls> command, and …
(edit) @610   5 years alain Fix several bugs in VFS to support the following ksh commandis : cp, …
(edit) @609   5 years alain Cosmetic.
(edit) @597   5 years alain Rewrite the mmap() and stat() syscalls to implement the cat command in ksh.
(edit) @589   5 years alain Introduce a pause() syscall in mini-libc/unistd library.
(edit) @581   6 years alain 1) Improve the busylock debug infrastructure. 2) introduce a …
(edit) @580   6 years alain 1) Register the kernel process in the cluster manager local list. 2) …
(edit) @573   6 years alain Cosmetic.
(edit) @511   6 years viala [libmath] Add braces arround a misleading indent for loop. Sometimes …
(edit) @496   6 years viala Remove all build files of libmath. Maybe this whas commited by error.
(edit) @478   6 years viala [libalmosmkh] Add void type to function prototypes with no parameter
(edit) @477   6 years viala [libpthread] Add void type to function prototypes with no parameter
(edit) @476   6 years viala [mini-libc] Add void type to function prototypes with no parameter
(edit) @473   6 years alain Fix several GCC warning related to the -Wextra compilation option.
(edit) @469   6 years alain 1) Introduce the libsemaphore library. 2) Introduce a small libmath …
(edit) @459   6 years alain Introduce the math library, to support the floating point data used by …
(edit) @457   6 years alain This version modifies the exec syscall and fixes a large number of …
(edit) @450   6 years alain Fix a bug in function sched_handle_signal(): When the deleted user …
(edit) @449   6 years alain Introduce several missing user libs.
(edit) @445   6 years alain Restructure the mini_libc.
(edit) @444   6 years satin add newlib,libalmos-mkh, restructure shared_syscalls.h and mini-libc
(edit) @443   6 years alain Fix few bugs whike debugging the sort multi-thread application.
(edit) @441   6 years alain Fix a bug in rpc_vmm_get_pte_client() function (bad RPC index).
(edit) @440   6 years alain 1/ Fix a bug in the Multithreaded "sort" applicationr: The …
(edit) @439   6 years satin Introduice new distributed Makefile architecture. Remove deprecated …
(edit) @437   6 years alain Fix various bugs
(edit) @435   6 years alain Fix a bad bug in scheduler…
(edit) @434   6 years alain blap
(edit) @426   6 years alain The "nostdio" library has been integrated in the stdio library.
(edit) @416   6 years alain Improve sys_exec.
(edit) @413   6 years alain Introduce directory libs/build
(edit) @412   6 years alain Introduce user libraries
(add) @407   6 years alain First implementation of fork/exec.
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