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(edit) @586   6 years alain Introduce the txt_type and fbf_type (and the associated use_txt_x & …
(edit) @575   6 years alain revert modifs done by Nicolas. This line, and those below, will be …
(edit) @571   6 years alain Introduce the soclib_mty driver for the TSAR-LETI architecture.
(edit) @562   6 years nicolas.van.phan Disable DQDT and remove y_max FOR GOOD
(edit) @557   6 years nicolas.van.phan Add cluster_info[][] array in cluster descriptor
(edit) @556   6 years nicolas.van.phan Gather LETI-specific macros into hard_config.h
(edit) @553   6 years nicolas.van.phan Add SEGS_SET param in
(edit) @548   6 years nicolas.van.phan Add SYS_CLK parameter to set in params-hard Add forgotten sys_clk …
(edit) @546   6 years nicolas.van.phan Make hard_config.h generate from params-hard IOC_TYPE
(edit) @542   6 years nicolas.van.phan Add IS_LETI macro for preloader/bootloader
(edit) @535   6 years nicolas.van.phan Replace TXT0 by MTTY0 for LETI
(edit) @534   6 years nicolas.van.phan Add mtty driver.
(edit) @530   6 years nicolas.van.phan Hack to compile on both IOB and LETI for now
(edit) @457   6 years alain This version modifies the exec syscall and fixes a large number of …
(edit) @439   6 years satin Introduice new distributed Makefile architecture. Remove deprecated …
(edit) @419   6 years alain Fis a bug in function get_name_from_short() in boot_fat32.c
(edit) @416   7 years alain Improve sys_exec.
(edit) @407   7 years alain First implementation of fork/exec.
(edit) @401   7 years alain Few bugs in VMM
(edit) @337   7 years alain Introduce the delayed context switch if current thread has a lock.
(edit) @296   7 years alain Several modifs in the generic scheduler and in the hal_context to fix …
(edit) @279   7 years alain 1) Introduce independant command fields for the various devices in the …
(edit) @231   7 years max Add a serial port multiplexer, usable to communicate with the …
(edit) @219   7 years max update comment
(edit) @204   7 years alain Bug fix in kernel_init -This line, and those below, will be ignored-- …
(edit) @188   7 years alain Redefine the PIC device API.
(edit) @68   7 years alain Fix bug in kernel_init, and reduce size of remote_fifo.
(edit) @50   7 years alain bloup
(edit) @23   7 years alain Introduce syscalls.
(edit) @13   7 years alain Few changes in the boot_info structure.
(edit) @6   7 years alain Modify the boot_info_t struct to describe external peripherals in all …
(add) @1   7 years alain First import
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