What is the TSAR project ?

  • TSAR (Tera-Scale ARchitecture), coherent shared memory, manycore architecture, designed and implemented by the LIP6 laboratory. It supports commodity operating systems such as LINUX or NetBSD. A 96 cores VLSI prototype containing MIPS32 processors has been physically implemented by the CEA-LETI in CMOS 28nm, but the architecture has been designed to scale up to 1024 cores.

TSAR documentation

TSAR components documentation

Testing TSAR virtual prototype

  • Install SoCLib
  • Checkout Tsar modules
    $ svn co tsar
  • Add the newly created tsar directory to soclib-cc; add the following line in your ~/.soclib/global.conf:
  • Go to tsar/platforms and try the prototypes
  • subscribe to the tsar-commit mailing list to receive notifications on TSAR svn commits


  • Multi-core and Many-core Architecture
  • Cache Coherence Protocol
  • Shared Memory
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