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Last change on this file since 513 was 313, checked in by cfuguet, 11 years ago

Erasing useless template parameters for the communication/dspin_dhccp_param class.

Modifying consequently the vci_mem_cache_dspin_coherence class to use the
dspin_dhccp_param class without templates.

Introducing in the vci_mem_cache and the vci_mem_cache_dspin_coherence modules

Before this modification, the comparison between the expected data and the actual
data was done directly in the CAS_DIR_HIT_READ state using the data obtained in the
same cycle from the cache.

Now, the data obtained from the cache is stored in a buffer and the next cycle,
in the CAS_DIR_HIT_COMPARE state, the comparison is made using the data from the

This modifications allows to eliminate a critical path obtained in the ASIC
synthesis of the memory cache.

File size: 146 bytes
2           classname = 'soclib::caba::DspinDhccpParam',
3           header_files = ['../source/include/dspin_dhccp_param.h',]
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