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reconf: introducing a hardware barrier in the global-local interface of
the local interconnects.

  • This barrier is controlled by a port (barrier enable) in the dspin and vci local interconnects.
  • The barrier enable port is connected to a configuration register of the XICU component to allow the software to control this barrier. The barrier is enabled when the barrier enable port value is different of 0xFFFFFFFF. As the configuration register of the XICU component are reset to 0, this barrier is enabled by default.
  • This barrier allows to isolate the cluster from the rest of the architecture and only if it self-diagnoses as functional, it release the barrier to communicate with the others.
  • The same barrier enable signal is connected to the five local interconnects. Therefore, either all are released or all are disabled.
  • If a local initiator or an external initiator sends a packet out or into the cluster respectively, and the barrier is enabled, the packet is dropped.
  • Property svn:executable set to *
File size: 653 bytes
[756]1TAGS := cscope.out
[986]2SOCLIB_CC_MODE := -m release
[974]4SOCLIB_CC_ARGS += -v
[1001]5#SOCLIB_CC_ARGS += -t envsystemc
[986]6#SOCLIB_CC_ARGS += -bcaba:reconf:vci_xicu
7#SOCLIB_CC_ARGS += -bcaba:vci_iopic
8#SOCLIB_CC_ARGS += -bcaba:vci_block_device_tsar
[756]10all: simul.x
11tags: $(TAGS)
[747]13simul.x: top.cpp top.desc
[906]14        soclib-cc $(SOCLIB_CC_ARGS) -P -p top.desc -I. -o simul.x
[756]16$(TAGS): top.desc
17        soclib-cc -p $< --tags --tags-type=cscope --tags-output=$@
[986]20        soclib-cc $(SOCLIB_CC_MODE) -x -p top.desc -I.
[747]21        rm -rf *.o *.x tty* term*
[776]23distclean: clean
[890]24        rm -f $(TAGS) hard_config.h
[776]25        find . -name "*.pyc" -exec rm -f {} \;
[756]27.PHONY: simul.x $(TAGS)
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