source: branches/reconfiguration/platforms/tsar_generic_iob/soclib.conf @ 900

Last change on this file since 900 was 865, checked in by cfuguet, 10 years ago

reconf: introducing the CC_TEST FSM in the vci_mem_cache

  • This FSM receives commands from the CC_RECEIVE FSM and acknowledge them through the CLEANUP and CC_SEND FSM.
  • This commit is incomplete. The communication between the CC_TEST FSM and the CLEANUP and CC_SEND FSMs is not completely implemented.
File size: 544 bytes
1# append compilation flags
2cflags = config.default.toolchain.cflags
5config.default.toolchain.set("cflags", cflags)
7# append modules' description file paths
8from os import environ
9from os.path import join
10tsarpath = environ['TSARPATH']
11config.addDescPath(join(tsarpath, "trunk/lib"))
12config.addDescPath(join(tsarpath, "trunk/modules"))
13config.addDescPath(join(tsarpath, "branches/reconfiguration/communication"))
14config.addDescPath(join(tsarpath, "branches/reconfiguration/modules"))
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