source: trunk/modules/vci_mem_cache/caba/source/src/vci_mem_cache.cpp @ 527

Last change on this file since 527 was 527, checked in by cfuguet, 11 years ago

Bugfix in vci_mem_cache and generic_llsc_global_table:

  • The Store Conditional commmand was not performed atomically in some special cases. To solve this, a new operation has been introduced in the LL/SC table (check operation) which allows

to check if a SC operation is atomic or not without erasing the

reservation on the LL/SC table.

The reservation on the LL/SC table will be erased once the SC
command is completely treated:

  • A GET request has been inserted on the TRT when MISS.
  • An UPDATE request has been inserted on the UPT when MULTI

UPDATE needed.

  • An INVAL request has been inserted on the IVT when BROADCAST INVALIDATE needed.
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