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Introduce a SocLib? platform implementing the FPGA mono cluster platform

  • This mono cluster platform is the one used for NetBSD and Linux on TSAR demonstrators.
  • It is based on the LETI platform but it contains an internal ROM and all the DSPIN routers have been removed.
File size: 292 bytes
1simul.x: top.cpp top.desc hard_config.h
2        soclib-cc -P -p top.desc -I. -o simul.x
4.PHONY: tags cscope.out
5cscope.out tags: top.desc
6        soclib-cc -p $< --tags --tags-type=cscope --tags-output=cscope.out
9        soclib-cc -x -p top.desc -I.
10        rm -rf *.o *.x term* tty* ext* temp
12.PHONY: simul.x
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