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Introducing the elementary tests for a TSAR mono-cluster
mono-processor platform with MMU using the vci_cc_vcache_v4
such as the "tsarv4_mono_mmu".
(assemby level tests written by Manuel Bouyer)

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1-n test_sanity:
2test passsed
3-n test_exceptions:
4test passsed
5-n test_mmu_basic:
6test passsed
7-n test_excep_ls:
8test passsed
9-n test_excep_ls_delayslot:
10test passsed
11-n test_excep_ls_llsc:
12test passsed
13-n test_excep_if:
14test passsed
15-n test_excep_if_delayslot:
16test passsed
17-n test_excep_if_llsc:
18test passsed
19-n test_exception_epc_modify:
20test passsed
21-n test_dtlb_inval:
22test passsed
23-n test_dtlb_inval2:
24test passsed
25-n test_dtlb_inval3:
26test passsed
27-n test_itlb_inval:
28test passsed
29-n test_itlb_inval2:
30test passsed
31-n test_idtlb_inval:
32test passsed
33-n test_idtlb_inval2:
34test passsed
35-n test_idtlb_inval3:
36test passsed
37-n test_idtlb_inval4:
38test passsed
39-n test_dtlb_ptprinval:
40test passsed
41-n test_itlb_ptprinval:
42test passsed
43-n test_idtlb_ptprinval:
44test passsed
45-n test_sync:
46test passsed
47-n test_sc_update_cache:
48test passsed
49-n test_pte_llsc:
50test passsed
51-n test_interrupt:
52test passsed
53-n test_interrupt_epc_modify:
54test passsed
55-n test_xicu_timer:
56test passsed
57-n test_interrupt_delayslot:
58test FAILED
59-n test_interrupt_mask:
60test passsed
61-n test_interrupt_external_mask:
62test passsed
63-n test_excep_cop:
64test passsed
65-n test_excep_cop_delayslot:
66test passsed
67-n test_excep_cop1:
68test passsed
69-n test_syscall:
70test passsed
71-n test_syscall_delayslot:
72test passsed
73-n test_breakpoint:
74test passsed
75-n test_breakpoint_delayslot:
76test passsed
77-n test_ri:
78test passsed
79-n test_ri_delayslot:
80test passsed
81-n test_ao:
82test passsed
83-n test_ao_delayslot:
84test passsed
85-n test_trap:
86test passsed
87-n test_trap_delayslot:
88test passsed
89-n test_fpediv:
90test FAILED
91-n test_fpe_delayslot:
92test FAILED
93-n test_dcache_inval_pa:
94test passsed
95-n test_icache_inval_pa:
96test passsed
97-n test_pte2i_ref:
98test passsed
99-n test_pte2lw_ref:
100test passsed
101-n test_pte2ll_ref:
102test passsed
103-n test_pte2sw_dirty:
104test passsed
105-n test_pte2sc_dirty:
106test passsed
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