source: trunk/softs/tsar_boot/include/defs.h @ 425

Last change on this file since 425 was 425, checked in by cfuguet, 11 years ago

Modifications in tsar_boot:

  • Creating new files boot_utils.[c h] containing the memcpy, memset and some ELF format debug functions
  • Introducing assert in the boot_elf_loader to show an error when some of segments to load conflicts with some of the pre-loader segments
  • Cosmetic changes in boot_elf_loader to improve code readibility
  • Fixing bug in dcache_buf_invalidate function used by boot_ioc_read when cache coherence not supported. The condition in the for loop was erroneous.
  • Modification in Makefile: The SYSCLK_FREQ parameter is not passed anymore

as a Makefile parameter but it is definesd in the defs_platform.h file

File size: 165 bytes
1#include <defs_platform.h>
3#define BOOT_VERSION    0x00010001
5#define BOOT_STACK_SIZE 0x4000     /* 16 KB */
6#define BOOT_LOADER_LBA 2
7#define PHDR_ARRAY_SIZE 16
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