Dec 17, 2013, 3:21:07 PM (10 years ago)

Merge with the latest trunk (concurrent access to a register CONFIG_FSM)
Modification processing software invalidations to memcache level.

When a software memcache invalidation, it does not write the dirty data in the
XRAM (and therefore does not reserve space in the TRT). This poses a problem
when processing CLEANUP_DATA on a line NCC because CLEANUP_FSM expects to find
a placeholder in the TRT.

To overcome this problem, the flit DSPIN a multi-inval now contains a bit to
indicate that the invalidation from a control configuration (software
invalidation level memcache).

At the reception of this message invalidation in the L1 cache, it retrieves the
value of the field DSPIN IS_CONFIG. When processing invalidation (
DCACHE_CC_INVAL ), the value of this field is checked. Two scenarios are

  • 1st case : The INVAL concerns a line NCC but not from a software invalidation (IS_CONFIG = 0), the CLEANUP sent then follows the classical treatment of invalidation of a line NCC (sends a CLEANUP_NCC with or without data).
  • 2nd case : The INVAL provides a line NCC from a software invalidation (IS_CONFIG = 1) : same treatment as was CLEANUP line CC.

Thus in the case of interest (software invalidation on a line NCC), the CLEANUP
received by the memcache will be treated as one line CC.

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