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(edit) @1019   9 years cfuguet Fixing some warnings for new compiler's versions
(edit) @650   10 years cfuguet Adding conditional compilation of the reservation life span mechanism …
(edit) @534   11 years bouyer Add an assert that *dt_next is always initialised if entry is found.
(edit) @527   11 years cfuguet Bugfix in vci_mem_cache and generic_llsc_global_table: - The Store …
(edit) @524   11 years cfuguet The last commit to solve the bug in the SW access to the LLSC table …
(edit) @523   11 years cfuguet Bugfix in GenericLLSCGlobal table and vci_mem_cache: - Two bugs …
(edit) @514   11 years meunier More memory cleaning for valgrind (generic_llsc_global_table, …
(edit) @512   11 years meunier Tried to supress a few errors from valgrind; added corresponding …
(edit) @482   11 years joannou Updated llsc memcache table interface for sw operation (now able to …
(edit) @393   11 years alain Introducing support for addresses larger than 32 bits.
(edit) @382   11 years alain Removing compilation warnings.
(edit) @372   11 years joannou Remove from trunk all obsolete components (saved in branch v4)
(edit) @365   11 years joannou In generic_cache_tsar, added a new write_dir function that does not …
(edit) @337   11 years joannou In generic_cache_tsar, added new read function that returns 2 32bits …
(edit) @334   11 years joannou Separated stat counters resets from internal registers resets
(edit) @303   11 years joannou Bug fix in generic_cache_tsar component : In the read_select function, …
(edit) @297   11 years alain Introducing the 3 states (EMPTY,VALID,ZOMBI) states in cache directory
(edit) @291   11 years joannou Introducing new generic_llsc_local_table and generic_llsc_global_table …
(edit) @136   13 years simerabe deleting old ring components
(edit) @89   14 years simerabe fixing bug vci_ring_initiator : fifo_wok
(edit) @85   14 years simerabe removing duplicate ring_signals_2
(edit) @44   14 years nipo Fix namespace usage
(edit) @35   14 years simerabe fixing bug : multi-inclusion control
(edit) @34   14 years simerabe fixing bug : (cast after shift) rsrcid
(edit) @16   14 years simerabe updating lib components
(edit) @15   14 years simerabe changing broadcast parameters
(edit) @11   14 years simerabe adding trace for debugging
(edit) @10   14 years simerabe changing broadcast offset on vci_ring_initiator
(add) @8   14 years simerabe new ring components for systemcass
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