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Introducing a new wiki page to list the currently used plateforms in the TSAR Soclib svn repository

TSAR Plateforms list:

List of currently used plateforms in the TSAR Soclib environment:

  • tsarv4_generic_mmu:
    • It uses vci_local_crossbar as local interconnect
    • It uses virtual_dspin as global interconnect
    • It uses the vci_cc_vcache_wrapper_v4
    • It uses the vci_mem_cache_v4
    • It contains one vci_xicu and one vci_multi_dma per cluster
    • All clusters are identical, but the cluster containing address 0xBFC00000 (called io_cluster), contains 5 extra components:
      • boot rom (BROM) : vci_simple_ram
      • disk controller (BDEV) : vci_block_device_tsar_v4
      • multi-channel network controller (MNIC) : vci_multi_nic
      • multi-channel tty controller (MTTY) : vci_multi_tty
      • frame buffer controller (FBUF) : vci_frame_buffer