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note that tsarv4_mono_mmu is used to run regression tests

TSAR Plateforms list:

List of currently used plateforms in the TSAR Soclib environment:

  • tsarv4_generic_mmu
    • It uses vci_local_crossbar as local interconnect
    • It uses virtual_dspin as global interconnect
    • It uses the vci_cc_vcache_wrapper_v4
    • It uses the vci_mem_cache_v4
    • It contains one vci_xicu and one vci_multi_dma per cluster
    • All clusters are identical, but the cluster containing address 0xBFC00000 (called io_cluster), contains 5 extra components:
      • boot rom (BROM) : vci_simple_ram
      • disk controller (BDEV) : vci_block_device_tsar_v4
      • multi-channel network controller (MNIC) : vci_multi_nic
      • multi-channel tty controller (MTTY) : vci_multi_tty
      • frame buffer controller (FBUF) : vci_frame_buffer
  • tsarv4_mono_mmu
    • Mono cluster, mono processor plateform
    • It uses the vci_mem_cache_v4
    • It uses the vci_cc_vcache_wrapper_v4
    • It uses vci_vgmn as direct and coherence interconnect
    • It uses the vci_multi_dma, vci_xicu and the vci_multi_tty
    • It uses a XRAM and a ROM memories using the vci_simple_ram
    • It uses the vci_simhelper
    • this is the platform used by regression tests in tsar/softs/tests_ccvcache_v4
  • tsarv4_vgmn_io_bridge
    • NOTE: It must be modified to use the new cleanup specification
    • Mono cluster plateform
    • It uses vci_vgmn as local, io interconnect and external interconnect
    • It uses the new vci_io_bridge component
    • It uses the vci_block_device_tsar_v4
    • It uses the vci_multi_icu (No XICU)
    • It uses the old component vci_dma_tsar_v2

Plateforms using the vci_cc_xcache_wrapper_v4 and vci_mem_cache_v4 components

If the vci_cc_xcache_wrapper_v4 will not be maintained from now, all these plateforms can be deleted. NOTE: These plateforms must be modified to support the new cleanup specification.

  • tsarv4_generic_ring (virtual dspin as global interconnect and vci_local_ring as local interconnect)
  • tsarv4_generic_xbar (virtual dspin as global interconnect and vci_local_crossbar as local interconnect)
  • tsarv4_vgmn_generic_32 (vgmn as global interconnect and vci_local_crossbar as local interconnect)
    • This plateform uses the old components vci_dma_tsar_v2 and vci_block_device_tsar_v2
  • caba-ring-ccxcachev4_memcachev4-mips32el (vci_simple_ring_fast as direct, coherence and external interconnect)
    • Mono cluster plateform (the external interconnect is useless)
    • No DMA or Block Device

Plateforms using old TSAR versions (v1,v2,v3)

  • almos-tsarv3-platforms
  • caba-new_vdspin-test
  • caba-ring-ccxcachev1_memcachev1-mipsel
  • caba-ring-ccxcachev1_memcachev3-mipsel
  • caba-ring-vcache2_memcache-mipsel
  • caba-tsar-v0
  • caba-vdspin-vci_synthetic_initiator
  • caba-vgmn-ccxcachev1_memcachev3-mipsel
  • caba-vgmn-memcache-mipsel
  • caba-vgmn-vcache2_memcache-mipsel
  • caba-xxx-ccxcachemulti-mipsel
  • dsx
  • fpga_3_tsar_v1
  • tsarv1_mono_ring
  • tsarv2_mutekh