Hardware and Software for Embedded System


  • 13 Researchers
  • 8 PhD students
  • 1 Post-doc
  • 1 Engineer


ALSOC team is a 11-year old team whose historical research is computer architecture at large. For more than 10 years the research focuses on the design of a manycore architecture TSAR (Tera Scale ARchitecture), its network on chip and its operating system and tools for architectures. Now the team has started to shift to more software aspects dealing with architecture.

The research done in the ALSOC team is mainly applied research. For the last period, the activities of the ALSOC team concern methods and tools for multiprocessors system on chip design (MPSOC) and their soft- ware stack. The team focuses on advanced hardware manycore architecture, communication protocols, embedded operating system, real-time constraints, formal verification of systems, code hardening and optimization, deployment design and optimization of algorithms specially designed for manycore. architecture.

ALSoC graph


Keywords: system on chip, multiprocessors, embedded operating system, test, verification, compilation