Cécile Braunstein

Photo of Cécile Braunstein

I am an assistant professor at the LIP6 lab in the System on Chip department of the UPMC.

I obtained my Ph.D degree in 2007 in the computer science laboratory of Paris 6 with Emmanuelle Encrenaz. In 2008, I was a Post-doctoral researcher at the group for computer architecture (AGRA) at the University of Bremen.

I'm teaching in the Paris 6 engineering school Polytech'Paris-UPMC. I'm currently coordinator for the Electronical-computer science first year students.

My research interests include Formal Verification of Hardware designs, Design methods easing the verification, Robustness checking, Component Abstraction and the use of SAT techniques in formal methods.

University of Paris VI, Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC),
Laboratoire LIP6-SoC
4, Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris Cedex 05, France
Phone: 33-1-44 27 20 38
Fax: 33-1-44 27 72 80