Since 2004, I teached (as teaching assistant) in Paris 6 engineering school Polytech'Paris-UPMC and at the University Paris 6 UPMC. I used to teach the following:

  • Algorithms and computing science (C, C++, Java)
  • Formal verification for hardware (model cheking BDD/SAT)
  • Computer architecture (C and ASM)
  • and some other things ...

Now, as an associate professor, I am mainly teaching at Polytech'Paris-UPMC:

  • Object-oriented programming in C++ (lecture, tutorials and exercises)
  • Computer architecture and assembly programming (lecture, tutorial and exercises)
  • Programming initiation in Visual Basic (even if Visual Basic is an ugly language that should be considered as evil) (exercises)
  • Embeded system project (helping students in a project mixing electronic and programming parts, project managment, technical problems ...)
  • Computer science project (web, android, ...)