Dimitri Galayko

I am a professor at the University of Paris 6 (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie) in the SoC department of the LIP6 laboratory, where I has been working since September 2005. My research activities are focused on design and modeling of integrated analog and mixed electronic circuits. More particularly, I'm working on problems of energy generation and management in miniature autonomous electronic systems, on the interface with sensors (MEMS, resonators, energy sensors) and on the digital phase synthesis techniques (PLL, clocking etc.).

Recently I participated in writing of two books on my research on energy harvesters. I collaborate with the microsystem group of the ESYCOM laboratory ESIEE Paris and with the CAS group of University College Dublin.

Electrostatic Kinetic Energy Harvesting book cover Nonlinearity in Energy Harvesting Systems book cover

My PhD dissertation was on design of silicon micro-electo-mechanical filters for RF mobile transceivers, finished in 2002 at the University of Lille, France (manuscript here), and the M. Sc degree from the State Polytechnic University of Odessa in Ukraine. I'm codirector of the Space University Center CurieSat at UPMC, where a team of academic staff and students develop a space mission Meteorix carried by a 3U Cubesat nanosatellite.

Full academic résumé in french

e-mail : dimitri.galayko(at)lip6(.)fr

+33 1 44 27 70 16
Jussieu campus
room 509 corridor 24-25
Mail address:
UPMC-LIP6, boîte 169
4, place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 05