Jul 17, 2017, 8:42:59 AM (7 years ago)

Bug fix in kernel_init
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M params.mk
M kernel_config.h
M Makefile
M hdd/virt_hdd.dmg
M tools/bootloader_tsar/boot.c
M kernel/libk/bits.h
M kernel/libk/elf.c
M kernel/libk/xhtab.c
M kernel/libk/elf.h
M kernel/libk/xhtab.h
M kernel/devices/dev_pic.c
M kernel/mm/vmm.c
M kernel/mm/mapper.c
M kernel/mm/mapper.h
M kernel/vfs/devfs.h
M kernel/vfs/vfs.c
M kernel/vfs/vfs.h
M kernel/vfs/devfs.c
M kernel/kern/chdev.h
M kernel/kern/kernel_init.c
M kernel/kern/process.c
M kernel/kern/process.h
M hal/tsar_mips32/core/hal_remote.c
M hal/tsar_mips32/drivers/soclib_pic.c

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  • trunk/kernel/mm/mapper.h

    r23 r204  
    5050 *   readers, and only one writer. This lock implement a busy waiting policy.
    5151 * - The two functions vfs_move_page_to_mapper() and vfs_move_page_from_mapper() define
    52  *   the generic API used to move pages to or from the relevant file system on IOC device.
     52 *   the generic API used to move pages to or from the relevant file system.
    5353 * - the mapper_move() function is used to move data to or from a, possibly distributed
    5454 *   user buffer in user space.
    122122 * The offset in the file descriptor is not modified by this function.
    123123 *******************************************************************************************
    124  * @ mapper       : extended pointer on local mapper.
     124 * @ mapper       : local pointer on local mapper.
    125125 * @ to_buffer    : move data from mapper to buffer if true.
    126126 * @ file_offset  : first byte to move in file.
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