Installation from the SVN repository

You need to get a login/password in order to check out the sources: go to and type your email address.

You will receive a login and a password. This passwork works for three repository: SoCLIB, SystemCASS and DSX repositories. Each tool/library is independant but we can also use them all together. Check-out SystemCASS sources:

svn co --username your_login

Go into the SystemCASS directory and configure :

cd sources/
mkdir objdir
cd objdir

Specify the following definitions :

export CXX=g++
export SYSTEMC=[path to OSCI's SystemC directory]
export SYSTEMCASS=[path to SystemCASS binary directory]
export ALLIANCE=[path to ALLIANCE directory] # OPTIONAL : PAT format support 

Build the simulator & the documentation :

make install

SystemCASS is now working.


Some users would like to work on SystemCASS library. There is some regression test to help. This is useless for users, and useful for developpers.

First, configure SystemCASS for debug:

../configure --prefix=$SYSTEMCASS --enable-debug --enable-default-runtime-compilation

And make regression test:

cd ../test_regression
make test

Look at the makefile in the test_regression directory to know about each test.

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