Installation Document for SoCLib Co-simulation

Installation guide

Script for setting up the SystemC and SystemC-AMS environment; credits go to Torsten Mähne.

In TTool's main directory TTool, you should have a script file ttool.exe as follows:


java -version cd bin; java -cp . -Xmx1024m -jar ttool.jar -config config.xml -experimental -debug -avatar -uppaal -launcher -openlast

New features additionally require the -ams option in addition to the experimental option.

You can also check out the latest version on the specific branch on the public git (use option -b new-lip6) - recommended for developers only.

SoCLib Co-Simulation

If you wish to use co-simulation in addition to standalone SystemC-AMS prototype generation, yo additionally have to download SoCLib.

Linux 64 bit Configuration file for SoCLib to be installed in a .soclib directory; paths might have to be adapted to local installation.

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