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(edit) @97   6 years max (forgot this one in my previous commit)
(edit) @96   6 years max Mmh, fix the return values
(edit) @95   6 years alain hal_special: replace hal_time_stamp() by hal_get_cycles() hal_remote : …
(edit) @94   6 years max remove lw_unc, add a few ops, and update a few things
(edit) @92   6 years max fix the definition of hal_remote_spt, and add the *pt ops on x86_64
(edit) @91   6 years max retrieve the pressed key, and display it
(edit) @90   6 years max scroll for real, and add %c
(edit) @89   6 years max Parse the IOAPIC structure in ACPI, map the IOAPIC, and enable the …
(edit) @88   6 years alain Remove oldies.
(edit) @87   6 years alain Remove oldies.
(edit) @86   6 years max enable the timer (not yet calibrated)
(edit) @85   6 years max reload the segregs
(edit) @84   6 years max scroll the console
(edit) @83   6 years max we want to have the LAPIC non-cacheable
(edit) @82   6 years max Rename a certain number of things, and improve the APIC support.
(edit) @81   6 years max silence a few warnings
(edit) @80   6 years max add the timer vector, for now it double-faults
(edit) @79   6 years max invalidate the page directly
(edit) @78   6 years max print %rip, and add cli/sti
(edit) @77   6 years max Start hiding the architecture-specific drivers behind the …
(edit) @76   6 years max empty out the x86 drivers
(edit) @75   6 years max Create the drivers/ sub-directory in each hal, and move soclib into …
(edit) @74   6 years max (forgot to commit this)
(edit) @73   6 years max now that the fields are stable, embed the VA base in XPTR
(edit) @72   6 years max start defining some remote functions, and use uint8_t instead of char
(edit) @71   6 years max advance a little
(edit) @70   6 years max start constructing the bootinfo structure
(edit) @69   6 years max use uint8_t instead
(edit) @67   6 years max switch to 64GB of VA per cluster, with 256 clusters
(edit) @64   6 years max cosmetic and typos
(edit) @63   6 years max move the ldscript into core/ for tsar
(edit) @62   6 years max create the core/ sub-directory for tsar
(edit) @61   6 years max cosmetic
(edit) @59   6 years max remove oldies/
(edit) @57   6 years max move the ldscript into x86_64/
(edit) @55   6 years max remove i386/
(edit) @54   6 years max make it compile on x86
(edit) @53   6 years alain Compilation OK pout TSAR
(edit) @51   6 years max Create the core/ sub-directory for x86_64.
(edit) @50   6 years alain bloup
(edit) @48   6 years max Put panics everywhere
(edit) @47   6 years max Use mcmodel=large, in order to have a kernel image that is located at …
(edit) @46   6 years max Start implementing TLS.
(edit) @45   6 years max Add some code for LAPIC; far from complete, but a good start.
(edit) @44   6 years max Update. We need to use two separate arrays: one for the heap and one …
(edit) @43   6 years max simplify
(edit) @42   6 years max Explicitly use configurable parameters
(edit) @41   6 years max style
(edit) @40   6 years max remove
(edit) @39   6 years max Parse RSDP->RSDT->MADT, and get the LAPIC PA.
(edit) @38   6 years max Use 4GB of VA per cluster, and 8GB of PA.
(edit) @37   6 years alain Adapt to paso/doble AMD machine.
(edit) @35   6 years max Update: * Introduce a basic VM manager in hal_gpt.c, to create the …
(edit) @34   6 years max Update the types (from i386/).
(edit) @32   6 years max Update. Retrieve and parse the multiboot info, and dump the mmap. Some …
(edit) @31   6 years max Silence a few gcc warnings.
(edit) @29   6 years max Update. The kernel now enables the GDT/IDT, and has trap entries. A …
(edit) @25   6 years max First shot of the x86_64 port. It uses Multiboot V1. Most of the HAL …
(edit) @23   6 years alain Introduce syscalls.
(edit) @17   7 years max Typos, and cosmetic.
(edit) @16   7 years alain mprove the HAL for interrupt, exception, syscall handling.
(edit) @15   7 years max test (cosmetic)
(edit) @8   7 years alain Various bugs.
(add) @1   7 years alain First import
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