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(edit) @245   12 years alain ntroducing a segmentation violation checking
(edit) @224   12 years bouyer Normalize trace message: address, data and byte enable in hex, …
(edit) @223   12 years alain Fixing a bub in SC_FSM: The write was done too sytematically in the …
(edit) @222   12 years bouyer make the cache monitor function print the FSM state which does the …
(edit) @215   12 years alain Introducing start_monitor() & stop_monitor() methods in vci_mem_cache_v4
(edit) @212   12 years bouyer Introduce read_neutral(), which returns a directory entry without …
(edit) @200   12 years alain
(edit) @184   12 years alain mproving the debug mechanisms
(edit) @175   13 years kane vci_cc_xcache_wrapper_v4 : suppress one state (CC_UPDATE)
(edit) @143   13 years kane fix bug in ccxcachev4, save cpu_info in memcachev4
(edit) @141   13 years guthmull Improve activity counters. Table sizes are now instance parameters.
(edit) @140   13 years kane yAjout du multi_cache : plusieurs processeur peuvent ce partager le …
(edit) @138   13 years guthmull Handle bad accesses cleanly : transmit all accesses to the xram and …
(edit) @134   13 years kane add multi write buffer in cc_xcache_v4
(edit) @116   14 years alain Introducing a print_trace() method
(edit) @83   14 years guthmull Fix the masking of RERROR field
(edit) @82   14 years guthmull Add broadcast limitation compatibility, indicate the type of response …
(edit) @57   14 years guthmull Fix a bug with uncached reads, add more debug capabilities
(edit) @19   14 years guthmull Fix uninitialized variable
(edit) @6   14 years guthmull Fix the deadlock also for SC requests
(edit) @5   14 years guthmull Fix a deadlock issue on the coherency network
(add) @2   14 years nipo Import TSAR modules in TSAR's own svn
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