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(edit) @139   13 years gao Cleanup FSM changed
(edit) @130   13 years gao Cleanup fsm seperated from vci fsm to evite deadlock
(edit) @120   13 years gao Separated cleanup from the vci_fsm to avoid deadlock
(edit) @119   13 years gao Modification for synthetisable reason
(edit) @108   13 years gao Bug correction
(edit) @104   13 years gao Verify broadcast address using mask
(edit) @101   13 years gao Delete the evaluation codes for speedup simulation
(edit) @96   13 years gao Redo ins TLB access bit update when it miss in dcache
(edit) @88   13 years gao Correction of itlb access bit set and dtlb dirty bit set
(edit) @84   13 years bouyer ICACHE_SW_FLUSH/ICACHE_CACHE_FLUSH: when walking the tlb/cache looking …
(edit) @80   14 years gao Modified the coherence check for TLB entry updating
(edit) @79   14 years gao Correction of dirty bit and access bit in data cache
(edit) @73   14 years bouyer Fix several issues regarding management of the …
(edit) @72   14 years bouyer 2 fixes: - do not test r_dcache_in_[id]tlb[] just after setting the …
(edit) @71   14 years bouyer When updating PTE bits, don't write back to the dcache locally, the …
(edit) @70   14 years bouyer Check/update the dirty bit on SC too
(edit) @69   14 years bouyer Fix cut'n'paste error
(edit) @68   14 years bouyer A SC cause the dcache entry to be updated by the memcache, and the tlb …
(edit) @62   14 years gao Debug infos deleted
(edit) @56   14 years guthmull SC don't generate invalidations and cleanup any more, add treatment of …
(edit) @55   14 years guthmull Fix a bug in SC, add start cycle debug
(edit) @53   14 years gao debug
(edit) @51   14 years gao Activity counter update
(edit) @50   14 years gao Activity counter update
(edit) @48   14 years gao Activity counter update
(edit) @37   14 years gao Bug correction
(edit) @20   14 years nipo Update DSX metadata
(edit) @13   14 years bouyer Fix build with systemcass (add .read() on register access)
(edit) @12   14 years gao bug correction
(add) @2   14 years nipo Import TSAR modules in TSAR's own svn
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